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DIY Charcuterie Box
Marina Market's
DIY Charcuterie Box

Unleash your inner chef with our DIY Charcuterie Boxes! Create edible art that’s as delicious as it is instagram worthy! Elevate your snacking game and create the perfect masterpiece of flavors. 

Designed to make your picnic hassle-free and delicious, our thoughtfully curated picnic baskets are perfect for a romantic date, a leisurely afternoon in the park, or a special gathering with loved ones.


What’s Included In Your DIY Kit:

— 1 soft cheese (pictured: Briette mild & creamy brie)

— 1 hard cheese (pictured: Point Reyes Toma Provence)

— 1 package of La Panzanella Croccantini crackers

— 1 package of pre-sliced meat (pictured: Columbus Italian Dry Salami)

— 2 side containers of Spanish Quicos (similar to a corn nut)

— 2 side containers of castlevetrano olives

— 2 side containers of chocolate covered Oregon hazelnuts

— 2 side containers of dried cranberries

— 1 mini jar of Bon Maman honey

— 1 mini jar of Bon Maman orange marmalade

— napkins & plastic knives

— a ‘how to style' guide for putting your tray together like a pro

— QR code link to a specially curated Spotify playlist

— a list of suggested wine pairings

** Items may vary slightly in the future, due to availability.

Think You’ll Need More For Your Event?

Get 10% off a fresh baguette, some extra cheeses, or additional crackers with the purchase of your box. Must be paid for in the same transaction.

How to Style Your DIY Charcuterie Kit:

1. Decide what surface you’ll be using. You can use your own platter/board or you can use the included box — a great option if you’re taking your charcuterie on the go.


2. Decide the placement of your cheeses & other larger items, such as the side containers. Think about visual balance. We also like to break up the items you have double of and put them on opposite ends, so each item is reachable if you have people sitting on opposite sides. Soft cheeses can be left as is, but it’s nice to have your hard cheeses cut into slices to make it easier for your guests.


3. Place the salami (or other meat choices). There are multiple methods that will give your tray an elevated look. 

  • “Quarter Fold Salami River” - First, fold the salami slice in quarters. Stack the salami in your hand first and add a little but of pressure to make them stick together. Build the river in sections in your hand, then place on board or in your box creating a “flow” shape across.

  • “Half Fold Fans” - The half-fold works great for smaller slices of meat that can’t fully be folded into quarters. Fold them directly in half and layer them into a fan shape on your board.

  • "Ribbons" -These are great for longer slices of meat, like prosciutto. To make a ribbon, fold the prosciutto directly in half lengthwise, then gently layer it back and forth on the board with the fat side facing up.

4. Items you can add to make it look more full & vibrant: fresh or dried fruit, nuts, greens, sliced baguette, rosemary sprigs, edible flowers. 

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